When networking become social

Today was the 1st day of Ciscolive 2013, It was also the first tweetup at the social media lounge. For what I could read and see of the tweeter feed it was a success. I barely made it because of an airline delay but I was sure glad that I could be there for the last half hour and I wouldn’t missed it for the world.


This kind of start 3 year ago at Ciscolive 2010 in Vegas where Tom Hollingsworth  @networkingnerd « reserved » a table in front of the W.O.S. where we hang out, we were around 20 to 30 tweeps


Then for the next 2 years, more and more people showed up and hang out at the social media lounge.


I have met great people that I can hang out with for the week and keep in touch via tweeter and other social media although I am mostly reading the tweeter feed and rarely adding to it mainly because of access at work and language barrier.


Ciscolive have become more a social get together where I can meet old friend and make new one and exchange about of work experience than just another customer show where we are getting killed by power point.


I look forward to the next days to meet old friend and make new one. Because we are the “Human network” and this is what I want to connect todayImage



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One Response to When networking become social

  1. have you heard anything about next year’s event?

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