Ciscolive 2013 Wrap up

Ciscolive 2013 is history, and what a week it has been. just imagine 20,000 geeks and nerds going to drink the Cisco Koolaid directly from the fountain or may be I should say the fire hydrant


It started monday with breakout session, I had 3 session schedule that cover an introduction to Cisco Prime for network management, another that cover IPV6 deployment in the enterprise with Shanon McFarlane (@eyepv6) and finally troubleshooting firewall.

Not to forget that monday is the opening night of the World of solution and the swag collecting frenzy. This was also the opportunity for ccies to get their special gift and ccie ribbon. Since the last 3 Ciscolive, CCIE can get a temporary tattoo of the ccie logo, while most of them get it on the shoulder, some choose a more personal place

Tuesday is the opening keynote with John Chambers, this year, Mr Chamber share the stage with Padmasree Warrior. I allways found Mr Chambers engaging is his keynote. He walk around the audience and he have a way to look at you that make you believe that he is talking to you directly.


Beside the keynote, i took 2 sessions Threat Defense using NetFlow and ISE and Pv6 Planning, Deployment and Operation Considerations, both session were interesting.

As a CCIE, we have a special event on tuesday night, this year it was a Universal Studio Island of adventure, We had a blast, It all started in Orlando City walk where we had lunch and drinks in a reserved section and from 10:00pm to 12:00am, we had the park for ourself, where there was still more food and drink and 4 attractions were open for us, This was by far the best CCIE event that I have been to and from the comment i have heard the best ever


Wednesday, I took 1 session Fundamental IOS security feature, this is the only session that I found average, mainly because of error in the presentation and the content was not going deep into configuration.

In the afternoon, we had the CCIE Netvet reception where we meet John Chambers in a Q&A session that last around 2 hours. This session is great, we can ask question, make suggestion and express our concerns about Cisco services. Mr Chambers answer them candidly and have his team take note of our grief and hopefully get them resolve. It was my 4 reception and it is getting more crowded every year. It was the first year that the event was in the afternoon, it was usually held at 5:00pm, I must say that I do prefer the “happy hour” formula since this is not interfering with session.


Wednesday is also Customers appreciation event, This year the event was at Universal Studio, We had the park to ourself (Well all 20,000 geeks). There was food, drink and band, This year the feature band was Journey, they offer a 45 minutes concert of their greatest hits. Personally, I did most of  the attraction since they were no or minimal waiting time. I even got a picture with Shrek and Fiona.


This year hat was based on the despicable me minion caracter


Thursday did come too fast, I attend 1 session The art of network architecture presented by network rockstar Denise Donohue (@denise_donohue), Russ White  and Scott Morris.

The last Keynote speaker this year was Sir Richard Branson, This keynote was interesting, funny,entertaining and we got some great quote from Sir Branson such as , “It impossible to do this, good let’s try it” “Nothing is more important than your reputation”. The only downside, I found that this was a 1 hour infomercial about Virgin.

After the keynote we took our traditional Ciscolive tweeps picture.


This is getting bigger and bigger every year, it is hard to believe that 3 year ago, we could easily read the whole Ciscolive.

I want to thanks all of you to have made this year memorable, hope to see you next year. A special thanks to the Ciscolive social media team that took care of us and provide us with a great place to hang out and especially to Kathleen Mudge  (@kathleenmudge). A shout out to Tom Hollingsworth(@networkingnerd) and Jeff fry(@friguy_pa) for there dedication and work on getting us all together

See you next year


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