Going back to Ciscolive

I’m finally register to CiscoLive 2015, this mean that I will have attended 7 of the last 8th edition. I could not make it last year since my employer’s policy for conference state that you must have worked at least 1 year and I was short by a couple of month.

I look forward to go back for the following.

1. Reconnect with my Ciscolive friends.

What started as a table that @networkingnerd hijack in front of the WOS a couple year ago, kind of explode into that big thing. Cisco Social media lounge is where I hang out between session. This is the place where most of the social active (twitter) attendees hang around. At the 2013 conference, I was sitting right beside  Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks from the packet pushers. Call me a fanboy but I was impress and please to meet them in person. During this conference, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of knowledgeable engineer that I can poke when I have question.

2. Break out session

This is the reason why you must attend, you have the choice of technology, geekiness level and dept. Aside some marketing slide, the presentation are technical. If you have the chance to attend a troubleshooting session with Denise Fishburne, do not miss it, you may get lost in the technical deepness but these are the session that I always go back to when I’m troubleshooting issue.

3. World of Solution

Well, this is the place to get swag and email for the next year or so, but beside that, you will find everything that you might require to complete your network. Take the time to talk with the booth staff, they might provide you with a solution to a problem that you have or did not know you have

4. Party and Customer Appreciation Events.

Do not plan on sleeping much during the weeks, there is always something to do and do not miss the CAE, this year the feature band is Aerosmith, can be more WOW than this. CAE is always a fun party, with a lot of food, drink and good music.

Hope to see you there and I look forward to reconnect with all my Ciscolive Tweeps


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