Ciscolive 2015 Recap

Another Cisco live is in the bag, and I did have a great time.


Beside the breakout session, keynote and swag collecting at WOS, the best part of this event is connecting with fellow engineer and create a network of expert that can and will help you out if you have question or issue.

This year again, the real value of Ciscolive for me was to hang out with my twitter friend and create new one. Being active in the social media and exchange message with a peer is nice but actually get to meet them in person will change to relation from being a twitter handle to a real person. This year again I have the opportunity to meet great people and exchange with them about network design and or issue as well as just goofing around.

Cisco live introduce the new comers mentoring program, and I think that was a great idea, I was a mentor and got to meet my mentee for 5 minutes as she was working at the CEWN. I hope that this program will continue in the following year as I tough it was a great idea.

My week started with the welcome tweet up on sunday, where we got the chance to meet with the Ciscolive twitverse.


On the more serious side, I have attended mostly ipv6 and wifi session this year and they were all good. I was a little disappointed by a session covering open daylight as  I was expecting more a how to make it work that a create this object and that will generate this java code.

As usual the opening keynote was the chance to see John Chamber at is best, preaching Cisco’s take on the networking world. this was the last Cisco live for Mr. Chamber and we saw the torch being transfer to the new CEO. For me, this keynote has always been entertaining to watch as Mr. Chamber is quite a good speaker and he can engage with the crowd even if  I did not really see any relevance with my day work. I did not attend the other keynotes except for the closing one with Mike Rowe. This was one of the best, I have got attend, Mr. Rowe was entertaining, funny and I think to the points when he talks about education and bringing back arts and music in the curriculum.

IMG_0768 IMG_0771

I was disappointed with the food. I hate sandwiches and I play hockey with cold bagel, I do not eat them. I remember the previous year, we had hot meal at lunch, the lunch boxes did not impress me at all.

The CAE this year, was a Petco Park, The event itself was great, Aerosmith put out a great show as well as the other opening band. I did not get the kind of bird/acrobat on a stick in the middle of the CAE. May I was not drunk enough.

IMG_0718 IMG_0743IMG_0750 (1)

I still need to understand why Petco park need us to be screen for metal and why the heck they took all the selfie stick that have been handle by Cisco. This process make the access to the park, awfully longer than it should have been.

Being a CCIE, I did attend the CCIE party, which was on the beach on Coronado island. The venue was very nice.

IMG_0693 IMG_0689

I also had the chance of having a lunch with Cisco executive as I was also a net vet, where we meet Mr Chamber and have a Q&A session. this lunch ends with a souvenir picture.

IMG_0705 IMG_0725

After skipping last Cisco live in 2014 , I must say that I have been realizing how much I appreciate this event. I look forward for next year even if it is in Las Vegas and the only things I like about this place is cheaper hotel and direct flight. It will also be back to tom’s corner where the twitter social thing kind of started and became the reason why I like this event so much

Twitter army with Mike Rowe

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