Cisco Live US 2016 CAE scoop

April has begun and even if we are still getting snow up here in Montreal, the time as come to get some CLUS scoop for the 2016 event that will be held at the Mandalay bay in fabulous Las Vegas on july 10-14.

Before getting to the exiting part, I’m please to see that the Netvet mentoring program will be coming back for the second year. This initiative help first time attendees to get the most of CLUS by having a Netvet Mentor.

Netvet have attended CLUS 4 time in the last 5 years and usually know their way around and how to make the most of the event. They are also usually socially active (twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)  and will most likely introduce you to what I call my army of ressources. When I face a problem, I tweet of the my geek friend up and get an answer. In my own opinion, meeting fellow network professional in person make Ciscolive even more valuable. First time attendees can go to the following link to enter the program.

The scheduler will be available on 26 April for NetVets and 3 May for all.  The scheduler will feature a new search feature (Yeah)

Now for the CAE,

The event will be held at the new  T-Mobile Arena, For you hockey fan out there, this will be the new home of the Las Vegas Black Knight NHL hockey club (Another scoop 😉 )

16TMobile Arena Render

And the CAE will be  the FIRST corporate event hosted in the arena (ain’t that cool). This stadium feature Cisco Stadium Vision to deliver video and digital media.  I guess, we will put it the the ultimate test and ff the system can deliver to 20000 geeks like we all are, it will be great for the average attendee.

The performer will be

Elle King for the opening act with her musical style encompasses country, soul, rock and blues (well all over the chart), her hit Ex’s and Oh’s (see below) will certainly ring a bell as it has played on radio a lot (at least up north)


The feature band will be Maroon 5 and I guess unless you have live under a rock for the last 10 year, you have heard about them. below is a gentle reminder


You can find more information about  Cisco Live US 2016  and  to attend the event

Hope you will enjoy the Events and to meet you there


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