Quick and dirty Ekahau report template

This ekahau site survey template will output all AP with channels and power level in dbm for the 5ghz in a space delimited format

<#“loop-start”: {

”type”: ”radios”,

“filter”: {

“exclude”: { “band”: “2.4” }



<#${ap-name}#> <#${antenna-type} #> <#${channel} #> <#${antenna-tx-power-in-db}#>

<#“loop-end”: {“type”: “radios”}#>

I  import this file into excel add the corresponding power setting (1 to 8) and using word

ap excel

I use word to create a mail list document that have all the command to adjust channel and power level of the AP.

ap template

result is

config 802.11a disable AP102
config 802.11a channel ap AP102 104
config 802.11a txPower ap AP102 3
config 802.11a enable AP102

Not perfect but a quick and dirty way to sent channel and power level quickly on Cisco via CLI






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