Small window Wifi utility

We were looking to get a Wifi information on a windows 10 for remote troubleshooting. After testing with netsh wlan show interface, I did some research and stumble on this code on a Microsoft msdn site page and modify it to display channel number and card rssi value (which is different from the signal quality %)

The code is available download source code  and a standalone executable executable download

I have notice that with a macbook running bootcamp. the channel is not displayed when the connection is on the 5 Ghz network.

Also to work, the workstation must have a active wifi connection.

The output is as follow


The RSSI value is obtain via the WlanQueryInterface function

The calculated RSSI value is based on WLAN_ASSOCIATION_ATTRIBUTES the formula is calculated-rssi=-100+(signal-Quality/2).

I did validate the value obtain on my Macbook in bootcamp and Mac OSx were the same.

Disclaimer: This executable and code come with no support and of warranty. I can not be held accountable or responsable if the result are not accurate of executing this program damage your computer or any component.

You are free to modify this piece of software as you wish, if some of you could make a nice GUI, please feel free and share it back to the community


3 thoughts on “Small window Wifi utility

  1. Could you repost the standalone executable again please? It’s no longer available currently.


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