Cisco AP config from Ekahau Site Survey

here is a small python script that configure Cisco access point power and channel from an Ekahau Site survey report.

The script will work with the following access-point series

Cisco 1600,2600,3600,Cisco 2700,3700 and Cisco 2802

It should work with any non FRA access-point with a 2.4 and 5 ghz radio


Power level to dbm reference file format

This is a simple tab separated file. I use excel to maintain it, the field definition is in the 1st line

  • Country: must match the country letter in the AP model number (ie A for Canada)
  • AP Model: Must match the AP model display in sh ap summary
  • max allowed power for each frequency band (Unni1, Unni2, Unni2e,Unni3 and 2.4)

How it is working

  • From Ekahau site survey software, create a report using the downloaded template
    • save the file as txt
      • The output is a XML file
  • validate that the AP model are in the power level to dbm reference file
  • Access-points must be registered to the controller and the name must match the one contain in the ESS file
  • launch the scripting
    • parameter to supply are
      • name of the ess report generated
      • controller ip address
      • filename containing the power level to dbm
      • username to log in the controller
      • password
    • unfortunately the script is not bullet proof and may failed when opening the ssh connection to the controller, relaunch it will work
    • the script is not bullet proof, validate the result after it has been run and was customize for my environment, validate that all access point model are present in the power level to dbm file and that the value are correct

Fell free to modify an adapt it for your need.

Note that this is provided with no warranty and you are using it at your own risk.





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