Private LTE/5G in the enterprise

At Mobility Field Day 7, Three different presentations were focus on private cellular service. For two of them, implementing private LTE/5G in the enterprise was so complicated that they either offer a full manage services or have a Partner do the installation and abstract the overall complexity by a software suite.

Celona approach was totally different, they present their solution simply as another access layer to the enterprise network like Ethernet and Wi-Fi. 

To prove that their solution is simple and easy to implement, they brought a demo kit and set up a functional private LTE network in our conference room in less than 1 hour.

You can watch Celona presentation 

Celona deploy your own private cellular network
Celona integrating private Cellular wireless in a interprise

I never really figure out a use case for private LTE/5G in the enterprise that I have worked for and always had in mind that only large mining facilities could benefit from it, mainly because of the apparent complexity to implement private LTE/5G network, all the new lingo like B-node, G-node etc.

Celona presentation change my mind, they are using enterprise term like access-points. The whole process of the deployment has been simplified and use a cloud base portal. This makes it look like any other wireless deployment. They talk about site design with  ibwave or hamina wireless. They recommend validation tools that run on an Android device.  To make it short. They demonstrate that Private LTE/5G deployment look like any Wi-Fi deployment, where you design, implement, and validate the solution. 

Unfortunately, I live in Canada where the CBRS band is not unlicensed so we can’t use the solution back home, May be it’s time to start a #freeCBRS movement to get ISEC to change legislation and allow us to take advantage of Private LTE/5G network.

I do not pretend to completely understand all aspect of private cellular deployment and you may choose any of the presented solution. However, Celona presentation was convincing and make me believe that deploying and maintaining their solution can be achieve with enterprise IT staff.

Betacom private LTE/5G solution as a services

betacom 5G as a service

Cisco private LTE/5G solution

Cisco Private 5G in the enterprise

All MFD7 presentation are availlable Mobility Field 7 Videos


Gelstalt IT (Mobility Field Day organizer) paid for all my travels, lodging and subsistence expenses to be a delegate at Mobility Field Day 7. I did not receive any compensation in any form to be a delegate, to write or publicize Mobility Field Day content by either Gelstalt IT or the presenting organisation

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